Our stylish patterned chevron is designed to support every soldier with a small ornamental badge that will serve as a talisman. In the system of folk creativity and ornamentation from the simplest – dots, dashes, lines to more complex signs that are found in the decoration of household items – embroideries dominated by ancient, archaic motifs in various configurations – rhombus, rosette, phytomorphic and zoomorphic motifs, flexible and straight lines.

Combined into ornamental schemes with one or another leading sign-symbol, in the technical execution of stitches, color of threads, execution techniques, embroidery takes on a local character, becomes an ethnographic address. Unfortunately now we do not have a clear definition of their meanings. In folk interpretation, these iconic magico-mythological meanings have lost their ancient significance and modern interpretation endows them with acceptable modern images.

The entire civilized world is approaching Ukraine’s victory. The Donats have already purchased for the Armed Forces: Bayraktaras, Himars and Starlinks. However stocks of ammunition must be replenished daily. All the profit we receive from the sale of chevrons is transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, volunteers and those heroes who carry out their mission under cover!